Professional experience

2016-present: GRgWikuRg für Berufstätige – Teacher (English, History, elective subject „Language and Law“), data protection officer

2017-present: Austrian Association for Legal Linguistics – Founder and president, organiser of conferences, workshops and panel discussions

2018: 2nd representative of teaching interns (Unterrichtspraktikant*innen) in Vienna

2015-2017: University of Vienna – Tutor for „Practical Phonetics and Oral Communication Skills 1“ (Department of English and American Studies), additional courses and workshops (PPOCS1 extra sessions, PPOCStruction, PPOCSupport).


2019-present: University of Vienna – Doctoral programme (Linguistics)
— Thesis: Adverbial indeterminacy in criminal proceedings (working title)

2019: Public Prosecution Service, Vienna – Internship at Department of General Offences

2018: University of Edinburgh – LL.M (Master of Laws)
— Master thesis: Strategic indeterminacy and online privacy policies: (un)informed consent and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2017: University of Vienna – Teaching degree (English / History, Social Studies and Political Education)
— Diploma thesis: Adjectival vagueness in legal language: the case of the Austrian Civil Code

2016: University of Vienna – BA (English and American Studies)
— Bachelor thesis: On the role of self-efficacy as a possible component of language aptitude in the acquisition of British [æ]